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I was just curious, does any other group use GitHub Desktop?

Our group has been using it and I prefer it over GitBash and Eclipse pushing and pulling.

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What features does it have? I did not like gitbash, but have grown accustomed to using eclipse's github perspective. However, if the desktop app is even better, I'd consider switching.

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It is a separate app. Cloning and connecting a repository are easy in this. Committ, Push, Fetch and Pull functions are all in a simple click of a button. It is fantastic I definitely reccommend it. I can share you an image if you want. I tried on this website but it doesn't seem to work.


Sounds useful, I'll try it on my personal laptop soon. Thanks for recommending!

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Yes, absolutely, it is definitely easier to use GitHub Desktop

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I know it has a front end which makes everything easier but I have got used to Git Bash so I'm using it and don't see why I'd change.

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