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When working on things for this class from github, it's incredibly annoying and time-consuming to have to copy and paste every file from git into the java perspective in order to be able to test/run them. Is there a way to modify my git perspective or a way to be able to run files while in the git perspective?

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You can try with this tutorial!


It turns out to be really easy and fast to get your GH repo on Eclipse!

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This is basically what I did, but the video is concise and helpful for those who want to watch step-by-step. Thanks!

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For anyone else who needs help with this, Tanner showed me how. For starters, clone the repo in gitbash. Then, go to File -> Import -> Git -> Projects from Git -> Existing Local Repository then just click next and finish and it should work. Now I can run the files within the git perspective.

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