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I'm having a ton of issues with github and eclipse due to the various locations of the jar files for the different members of my project. I'm wondering what these files are and what their purpose is, and why they cause JavaFX to stop working.

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The jar files are most likely the imported javafx files from the beginning of the term. They make the program run. As for why they make it stop working, it's most likely because you're location and name for the file path is different from the rest of your group. My suggestion is to pull from github, see what the path to find the files is, and then modify your files to match it.

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That's true. I think it's because I'm using my laptop so the locations are different. I can't pull because of this but I can try to look at github...


When I forked someone else' code, it showed their jar files in the path. Do I have to delete those and use jar files from my location instead?


I'm not sure. If you do that, your project will work, but you might not be able to push and pull. At least that has been my experience.