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When trying to pull from my copy of the project, I get this error in eclipse:

Pulling 1 repository
Checkout conflict with files:
Checkpoint 1/.classpath
Checkout conflict with files:
Checkpoint 1/.classpath

I think this has something to do with the jar files, or build path somehow? So if anyone knows what this error means I would appreciate it.

asked in CSC305 Fall 2021 by (2.7k points)

had the same problem, I deleted the eclipse file (permanently from disk) and re-cloned it, it works. There might be a better solution tho.

2 Answers

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When you want to pull changes from remote your status should be clear, which means there is no local changes you've made. You can either discard them, commit, or stash them to proceed

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We had the same problem. We deleted and re-added the repository.

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