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A while back, I uninstalled Thonny. Then I reinstalled it. Sadly, my computer now, when I try to open python files, does not understand to open them with Thonny. So I have to click "open with" and then "thonny" and I do not know how to set Thonny to be the default.

In a similar way, I just uninstalled microsoft edge on my computer because I personally do not like it at all... Now, my computer does not know how to open certain files because I need to click "open with" and then "google chrome" every single time.

Is there any way to fix this? I am bad with computers. I am sorry my question is so choppy.

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I think I asked this question in a moment of panic. I have found out, that you can go to settings and click "choose default apps by file type"

This is not a perfect solution however it does fix the problem generally. For .py files I chose thonny and for .pdf files I chose google chrome. I guess it is a little confusing now since my pdf files look like shortcuts to the internet but that's just the poison I picked I guess.

I'm still unclear on removing edge from my computer totally. For example, if I click "open with" , microsoft edge is still a choice but has no impact. I guess that is a small price to pay

Love windows

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