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Hey guys, I am stuck at finding GIF image and import it in my game because it has a background. I wonder how I could get rid of the background? The LunaTic is not helful to get rid of the background although it can convert PNG to GIF. Any suggestion? Thank you!

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If it doesn't absolutely have to be the one picture you want, you could try what I did. I ended up having to look for a similar pic with a transparent background for my project. Try searching "what picture you want" transparent pictures/gifs on Google. I found a couple jpeg images like that which I then converted into gifs


Thank you!

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Thank you for all the answer. I just noted that the LunaTic has the feature of removing the background from the image. However, its usability is a big concern. For anyone who are doing stuff with the images, LunaTic is good. And I have some tips that you should straight to the Edit and search for these commands in the pop-up card:

  • Remove background: Transparent background
  • Resize the picture: Scale
  • Convert file: Image Info
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You can try using AI or photoshop to do this and you might get what you need right away

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