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Technically you are allowed to use "\n" instead of writing "System.out.println();"; however, it can sometimes make you're code look messy, especially if the string is very long. Personally, I just stick to rewriting "System.out.prinln()" because I feel it makes the code look a lot cleaner.

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Yes. The scape sequence (\n) will take you to a new line. So you don't have to use "System.out.println" every time you want to start a new line.

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In general, you can totally use either \n or System.out,println().

However, if you have errors and you need to trace back, \n probably makes it harder for your debugging process.

Also, I don't think it is a good idea to use multiple \n in one statement. For example, System.out.println("\n \n \n ").

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