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and how did you approach it to get better at it?

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For me, the toughest concept to understand has been graphics and all of the little features that are available in the graphics libraries. But with all the practice we've had with it I have slowly started to become better at it.

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So far the hardest concept for me in this course is Controlling Display Updates which involves autoflush and update() because it is pretty abstract to imagine. Even when I ensured myself that I understand the concept, I still struggled to apply it to project 3 to make the animation smoother. After finishing project 3, I had to inspect how each frame rendered in each main loop to have a better understanding.
This concept is fundamental since it will also apply to every animation implementation of the computer.

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For me, I had difficulties grasping the concept of dictionaries. It is similar to lists but a bit more complicated and confusing. It took a while for me to properly understand the concept but I still find it confusing. I had to refer back to the class recording and the DictionaryClasswork.zip to get a better understanding.

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I think classes were the hardest concept to grasp for me. I found myself constantly confused between creating a new class and function, or just putting it in the main function. I referred to the book which explained that classes were the "nouns" and functions were "verbs". This helped me decipher the two and use them more appropriately.

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I think the most difficult concept for me to grasp is also either graphics or classes. There are many parts to graphics and it can be hard to fully understand what is going on. With a lot of the labs that require graphics, they can be super confusing at first. Also, I think the hardest part about classes is just keeping everything organized and knowing what each aspect of the class does. Overall, I approached both of these concepts with all my notes and asked for help if I need it. The more practice I get, the more confident I feel.

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The toughest part to me is graphics. Overall, I have to grasp the chain of function to make an object work(move, pop-up, resize, animate, etc) following the order that I want. When it comes to a large project, I mess up all since the project has to involve many classes and additional .py files, which requires me to organize the order, systemize the loop, and take advantage of classes. So far, I still find it hard, but even after the course, I"ll keep spending my time and my summer to grasp it!

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