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Hi guys, I am working on my midterm 3, and wondering how I could make the car move. As I create the method move and call it in while loops of the main function but they do not move at all. Are there any recommendations? Thanks

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2 Answers

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In the move method, you should have a randomly generate x which is the distance the car moves horizontally. As the car only moves horizontally, y will be 0. So you will have something like this:
You will have to move all the four parts of the car ( Body, top, frontWheel, backWheel)

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you need to create a move method that moves all the body parts in the x-direction where x is a randomly generated number from 5,15. So when you call move, you just do the object.move() where the object is either a red car or a blue car, so you need to do it for both. So you either don't see it move because you move it in the y direction and/or you don't have a time.sleep in your while loop.
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