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I was wondering how everyones final projects were going and how much progress everyone has made

asked in CSC201 Spring 2021 by (2.8k points)

13 Answers

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Ran into some problems with my original idea, but now I think I have an idea of what I'd like to do and hopefully it'll work out.

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I am a little stressed just because I am also working on my SI this semester, so these last few days are going to be busy. Luckily I made some good progress this past week, especially with the additional time we got during class! But I have some questions that I will probably be posting or might even go to some office hours this week.

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I am still working on the project and have a general idea of how I want the output to look like. So far, everything is working, I just need to make sure the timing is right and that there is no possible error.

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I am still in the introductory stages of my project. I am hoping I will be able to make a lot of progress this week on it though since the project 3 and midterm will be completed by then.

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It's been a busy week. I had exams, shows, assignments. But I somehow managed to work on my final project yesterday. I still have some questions to ask out, will probably do that after I try by myself first.

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I intend to change my final project idea because with my skills, right now, I do not think I could implement my original ideas. However, I have a clear plan for my 2nd idea which I wish I could finish in 8 days.

The past week, I was so busy with exams, projects, and also research papers so I did not make any progress, sadly!

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I'm still refining my original idea for my project while getting it done little by little. I am stressed about it because I am not yet sure how I will do each part I want my project to do.

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It's going, I've just had a busy two weeks. My idea is kinda similar to some of the work we used to do in class so it should help me out but I'm still running into errors.

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I have just started working on it. I just hope that I meet the deadline.

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I've set up pretty much all the necessary classes, methods, and graphics for the game
currently working on the rule and points of the game

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I realized last night that the 9 AM section's deadline is 4 days earlier than the 11 AM section. I decided on changing my project too, so my new project is only in its beginning s tages but I find starting is usually the hard part, once it is started there's a constant urge to get it done and add features to it.

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I'm fairly far behind, but I plan on getting caught up over the weekend/next week.

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So far it has been a struggle but since mine is similar to project 3, I have that to reference back to and the project really helped me to have a better perspective and coding-style to do my project.

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