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Do you guys have any tips on studying for exam 3? Which topics should we focus on the most? And what are the strategies you guys use when taking a long exam with a very limited time frame?

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Hi! I think we should mainly focus on the topics discussed on the study guide Dr. Stonedahl posted to Moodle. This midterm focuses a lot on classes and dictionaries. One strategy that I have that helps when taking long exams in a limited time frame is I try not to focus too much on one problem. For example, if I am stuck on a coding problem, I do as much as I can on it but then move on. I think partial credit on a few problems is better than not having enough time to start some problems at all. I hope that makes sense!

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This strategy actually helps a lot! I'm normally stubborn and it takes me longer to get through the test or practice problems because of it, but I'll have to try this tomorrow!

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In this exam, I think that classes and dictionaries are the most important topics to focus on. For these topics, I think it would be helpful to go through the slides and practice with the problems on the slides and also on Moodle.

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I will try the sample midterm and learn from what I did wrong. I think it is an effective way to learn for the exam as the content is various, which frustrated students at the first sight. Moreover, it is good to focus on the question on the Study Guide. Although those questions do not exactly appear on the exam, but it gives you something to relate to answering the questions in misterm.

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I also believe that the classes and dictionaries are the most important things to focus on. It says in the study guide that these are the bog topics to review. I have been going over the practice problems he posted on moodle to prepare for the exam

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