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Hi! I am putting images into my nifty project using Image(anchorPoint, filename). The problem I am finding is that the image takes up the whole screen when I don't want it to. Does anyone know how to make the image smaller?

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I tried using .setShapeSize, but it seems like that only works for shapes not images unfortunately.

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Hi! Does .scale(scalingFactorX) work? If im recalling correctly, if you put a number that is less than 1 in .scale (like this --> yourImage.scale(0.8) it will get smaller. If you put a number bigger than 1, like yourImage.scale(1.1), then the image will get bigger

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That sounded like it would work, but I just tried it and I keep getting the error "'Image' object has no attribute 'scale'" I think the problem is these methods only work with shapes, so I am not sure if there is a way to do these methods with images.


scale(...) should work on Images too. You are using import graphics2 at the top of your code, right?


I have ' from graphics2 import * ' at the top of my code, but I am still getting the same error about the image object not having an attribute scale.