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How many people would be able and willing to participate in some sort of end of semester socially distanced or virtual activity? I think it'd be fun if we could do something after we're all done presenting our final projects.

Answer whether or not you'd participate, and if so what ideas you have. Movie night? Game night? Group lunch/dinner? Etc.

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I think an online movie night would be good. We would have to find a good movie that most people like although.

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Will - you might not have noticed that Jason was posting in the CSC490 category, so probably thinking about getting together with other (mostly graduating) SI students. However, if you're interested in a end-of-term CSC 201 get-together, you could post a similar question to the CSC 201 category of the Lovelace Q&A. :-)

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That sounds cool. I don't know how the movie would be done, though.

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