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Any good sessions you recommend attending?

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6 Answers

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I'll be presenting my super cool and exciting dissertation on 17th century French theatre. No French proficiency necessary, it will be presented in English.

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I will be presenting at the 1PM slot. I have worked with Dr. Rodman for the Math SI and we are presenting as part of a group about math impossibilities. I will begin and will be talking about finding the cube root using only compass and straight edge. The problem seems simple enough, but has been difficult to prove that the cube root cannot be created. The problem started in 400 BC and was solved ~1700AD which is a lot of time trying to show something can't be created.

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I attended a really good math talk featuring Daniel! Nice work!

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I went to a good session where the religion majors presented their SI projects!!

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I watched one on Art History that I really found interesting!

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I know that celebration of learning has passed, but Dr. Stonedahl mentioned in class on tuesday that we were able to invite friends or other peers to listen to our presentations during finals week since we will finish after celebration of learning has already concluded.

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