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Hey guys, I found it very heard for me to decide which project I should do for my final project. Do you guys have any Internet resources where I could see some basic examples? What I found on the Internet is too advanced for me to do the nifty project. Most of the projects on the Internet are about tracking eye contact or train the model for data analytics, which is so advanced for me. Thank you!

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Have a look at this website to get an idea then try being creative and come up with something of your own which is unique and interesting to work on.

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Hope that you could find some ideas from the link.
If you want do to something simple for the final project, I think you could go with games. Look up some games on the Internet or on the link above and try to add some more features.

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I did not use a website to get my idea from. But if you are planning on programming a game then what I did was think of some easy games I know or have played and think of ways to just simplify it.

Ex: if you have played any racing game then you could apply what we learnt from the Owl Project into your nifty project and find ways to make it even more simpler.

I hope this helps. If not a website I would recommend is: https://www.codecademy.com/projects

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I tried looking some projects from this website:

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I would suggest thinking about something that you would enjoy playing or something that would help you down the road somehow. For example, I am going to create a game similar to one that I enjoy playing. When talking about something that would help you, my suggestions would be something you would use frequently cause then when you're coding it you'll be excited about it.

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