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What are some good books/online resources for us to help advance our python skills for after this class is over?

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8 Answers

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There are a variety of python courses on Linkedin learning, you get free access using your augie email.

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I'm not really qualified to answer this question because I am a beginner, but I definitely plan to continue learning by working on projects that relate to the areas that int I'm interested in

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For me, I do not really know how to advance the Python skills. However, if you really want to applied python to some real projects which have a practical application such as to analyze data,..., I think Microsoft Azure is a very good resource to understand more about the coding stuff and how coding including Python can be in the real world. Here is a link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/modules/cv-classify-bird-species/2-machine-learning-process

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I think you could try to do more practice on Codeforces or Leetcode.

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GitHub is a website to learn different coding languages and its all for free. You should check it out. Others are Khan Academy and Code Academy. I like all 3.

Also the professor mentioned to me how he will give us some resources to help us in coding for the summer at the end of class. It will be good to remind him later on!

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I find like w3schools, I find it very useful there since they teach us on how to use each single things and show us some example on how to do some simple projects and they have homework and practice too. They teach even languages like HTML, css too which can help you in other skills and upcoming classes you might take for computer science

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python.org has a lot of good resources. Articles, guides, books, python wiki, forums++

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There are some books in the library's first floor about Python programming that might be useful. Last week I rented one that's called "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" which I found really helpful. Gives clear examples and good explanations. You can also check in the library website if there's online access in case you can't rent it physically.

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