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i do know the difference but I am not sure I can put it in the right technical words so I just found this article that helped me understand when I had the same question: https://www.northeastern.edu/graduate/blog/computer-science-vs-computer-engineering/#:~:text=Computer science focuses mostly on,designing hardware and software interfaces.

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Check out the link below for a brief description:

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Computer science best prepares a student for abstract problem solving and research on the development of computer technology, while a software engineering degree provides a student with knowledge regarding the software development process and how to apply this as an engineer. This is what I found out when I researched about it.

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Computer Science is writing code, computer engineering is creating a computer and software engineering is creating the software.

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Computer science is being able to actually write the code. Computer engineering develops computer hardware and software. Software engineering is creating and maintaining software.

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