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How to update the progress bar? I tried calling update() but I keep getting an error.

asked in CSC201 Spring 2021 by (1.6k points)

3 Answers

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I think you need to call object.update(window, percent) in which object is specific progress bar you want to update the state.

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When I was working on it figuring out the percent was the harder part because there is a way to do it if you assume base 10 and then there is a way to do it when the number of the questions don't matter. You have to use 100, division, and count.

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What type of error did you get?

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are you putting both parameters, window and %, into the .update() call?

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yes. I did smth like this firstbar = update(window, 20).


it should be firstBar.update(). we always use . when using methods on objects. = is for the intitial construction.