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What I mean by this is for example lets take the classes from routine practice 19. If we wanted to call the class Coins in the class Food, is that a possibility?

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There is a concept in OOD called Inheritance. In Python, you can have a derived class - a class created or derived from another existing class. It inherits all the methods and properties from another class.

# Creating a Base class 
class Base: 
    # Declaring public method
    def fun(self):
        print("Public method")
    # Declaring private method
    def __fun(self):
        print("Private method")
# Creating a derived class 
class Derived(Base): 
    def __init__(self): 
        # Calling constructor of 
        # Base class 
    def call_public(self):
        # Calling public method of base class
        print("\nInside derived class")
    def call_private(self):
        # Calling private method of base class
# Driver code 
obj1 = Base()
# Calling public method
obj2 = Derived()
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