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For the coding portion, it helps me to look at the correct codes and my incorrect code. It helps me to see where I went wrong, whether it was conceptually, or physically in the code. For the multiple choice questions, it helps me to go back through the slides from class and see where we discussed the concepts and if we had any practice code examples that prove the points.

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I do the same as Michael, but if that isn't enough you should go to Dr. Stonedahl's office hours and ask him to explain it in further detail.

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Yes, I'm happy to discuss the exam questions you missed during office hours!

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For True/False and multiple choice questions, I will try going over all the slides posted to moodle since these questions tend to focus on definitions and our understanding of the topics. I will also try double-checking my answers by writing example codes on Thonny.

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For me, whatever questions I did with uncertainty and doubt, even if I was right, I would google them, read the textbook, implement the code, constantly ask why until I understand the concepts thoroughly.

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I personally go over each question and take notes for very small detail, and then collect the info and make a sort of summary

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Personally, I think it is very helpful to be patient and think carefully. I always try to identify the reasons why I get a question wrong. The new steps depend on those reasons ( misunderstanding the concept or wrong calculations ...). I usually go back to read the slides, the in-class sample codes or the textbook. It is also helpful to google the problem. If I still cannot figure it out, I will go to office hours or tutoring sessions.

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I would take notes in what my mistakes are, review it from the slides or the class recordings and then do similar questions.

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I firstly go through my mistakes, try to understand what's wrong by myself and if I don't get it I look the slides and the class recordings. For multiple choices, I have written notes of almost every topics and I try making notes of the topics as much as possible so that I can understand and learn it easily.

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I usually go over it with professor Stonedahl in the Office Hour as he helps to explain my mistake very carefully, which helps me to understand why I made that mistake. I prefer talking to our professor or someone else who is experienced in Computer Science as they have an overall understanding of the subject which could help me point out the root cause of my problem.

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