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One thing that might help is if you go back through and rename your routine practice problems to something more meaningful like Dr. Stonedahl brought up today in class. I think this might help because then you can quickly look at a similar example to try to help you code faster.

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Like others have said, categorize your routine practices in some way, as well as your labs and any other assignments you've saved in Thonny. Also make sure to set that all up before the exam begins, so you're not spending too much time opening documents and stuff like that.

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I've sorted all my RP problems into folders named: Graphics, Functions, Strings, Math, File Reading/Writing, Boolean/IfElse, WhileLoop, aTable, Labs and Lists. It helps me personally to refer back to practice problems that I know work properly and follow their "template."

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I ran out of time last time too, I've been trying to go through the practice problems as fast as I can. Like, speed coding...

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I am going over the sample quiz and am trying to go through as fast as I can to see how long that takes me. Since our test is shorter I feel like if I can finish most of the problems on that in a certain amount of time you should be good on the test

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I usually go over all the powerpoint slides to make sure that I understand each topic thoroughly and know how to do some basic examples correctly. This would help me have a strong foundation before practicing some more complex problems. Then I would go over the sample exam and try to complete it as fast as possible. For questions that I find most difficult, I would try to do it multiple times to see if I could come up with any other faster ways. I would also review all the routine and concept practices.

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