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elif weight <= "10":

  return "light"

elif weight <= "69":

  return "heavy"

elif weight >= "70":

  return "very heavy"

When I enter 5 for the weight it returns back heavy. Can someone explain why it is doing this

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More context please... which problem are you working on? Also, maybe show us more of your code? Since this isn't an assignment, you can post the full code.

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3 Answers

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That is because your code that is supposed to return heavy is supposed to be "10" <= weight <= "69". Your code right now is weight <= "69" which means it will also include weight <= "10" because that is also less than 69lbs.

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First it checks if 5 <= 10, which it is, so now weight is 'light'. The problem is that after checking that, it checks if 5 <= 69, which is also correct, and weight gets changed to 'heavy'. To fix this you would want to change the second elif to check for 10 < weight <= 69.

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Your weight to return heavy should be between 11-69, not just less than 69.

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