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I am using react native, but I am pretty sure it translates 1:1 to react. So here is a code snippet:

        value = {this.state.name}
        onChangeText= {this.setState({commonName: value})}>

So when I have this code in my render method I receive an error. 'Cannot find variable: value'. I want to grab the value of the input and change my react state with the value.

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2 Answers

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I needed to pass a variable into the function so:

onChangeText= {value=>this.setState({commonName: value})}

I need to use setState to change the value of the state, and I need to change this react's state. The challenge was that I did not know how value was in context to the react state, so I had to pass it into the function.

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I am not sure this helps or not but "value" in this situation is a part of input, not a const or value that you can assign to setState. Therefore, set another var outside for input value. Then use setState for that value.

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