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Not sure what you mean by back end in this context. Flask is used to query a database in python, we can currently use the tools provided by firebase for lots of our projects currently, but if you are using python then flask might be a good option depending on the database you are using.

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To elaborate on Daniel's comment...

If you can get by with just using Firebase (and you usually can!), that really simplifies the back end situation, because you generally don't have to write a backend... you just write asynchronous front-end code that queries and stores data in the database.

If you really do need some code running on the server-side, you can probably do that with a couple short Firebase cloud functions.

I strongly encourage teams to use Firebase, because it (usually) makes persistent storage of data simpler, and it handles basic authentication and security too!

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My individual project involves using some python libraries like numpy, matplotlib and seaborn. I did some google search and flask was mentioned a lot, and I managed to implement it to my project, so I will probably stick with it. I didn't know if I could just get by with Firebase, I wish I had asked this question earlier.

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My individual project does not have much in terms of back end. I will be querying an API for data that should be handled mostly by using the fetch command. I do not have a persistent datastore that I need to maintain for my app.

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My team is using Firebase, it is easier than most platforms out.

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