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I tried to use a loop to get the asterik points for filled and unfilled but when I return it, it only returns the last part or the first part. How do I make it to return the whole square

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For unfilled: I used multiple print statements. One for the first line of the square, one for the last line. Then I used for loop to draw the body lines.
For filled: I just simply used for loop to draw the entire square

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Thank you so much!

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Note: You shouldn't be RETURNing anything for RP 16 Q3

Read the problem description carefully. It says that the program should print the output to the console/shell, and says nothing about returning a value.

So, you should really ask -- how do I make it PRINT the whole square as output? And Thu Ho provides some hints there that could be useful. Also, remember about string repetition (multiplication), which can help you avoid writing as many FOR loops. e.g. something like this:

print(' ' * 10)


print('*' * 20)
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