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I managed to get a new file written as owl.art, but it's not a text file? In the Type section of my file selector it says ART File.

I created a new document by creating a new file that says

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Try opening the .art ile with text editor if you're using a mac

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You just have to open it with notepad and it will convert it.

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Notepad works on Windows. Note that there is no conversion happening though. The .art file really is a plain text file, but Windows just isn't smart enough to realize it.

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Your operating system is guessing what type of file it is based on the .art file extension, which it doesn't recognize, but it really is a text file, even if it doesn't have the .txt extension that your OS expects. You can generally force your text editor to open it anyway.

I thought Thonny would open any file, but one student on a Mac had an issue where Thonny wouldn't let them change the filter to "all files", so they opened the .ART file with TextEdit instead.

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Yeah, thanks! I didn't realize that the .art was actually a text file.
Thanks for telling me earlier too :)