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Hello, I am not really familiar with gitignore file, but I want to ignore the file .env in the subdirectory (not the root). Is there a to do that?

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gitignore is a text file that has not been staged or committed. If you want to stop the tracking all you have to do is add the file in your .gitignore. and run git rm --cached in your terminal.

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A git ignore file is just a text file that follows traditional bash file structure.

So if you wanted to ignore the entire current folder you'd type:./
./ means current directory

Also if you type *.jpeg you would ignore any file with the extension .jpeg at the end of it

So if you want to exclude a folder name you'd type a like that looks like this ./<folder name>/a common folder that is excluded is node_modules, because it stores local packages that clutter your workspace, so you'd type ./node_modules/ in your gitignore file.

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