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I like pretty much every aspect of the class, but my favorite part is probably the routine practices and how willing everyone is to help each other out and work as a community! It's super cool to be part of such a great group!

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This is definitely the best class community that I've ever been apart of. I really like that we are using Discord to connect the class. I wish more classes were set up like this one.


I think that other classrooms should also use Discord in this way! I like our community :)

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My favorite part is that it's themed around magic. I feel like I finally got my Hogwarts letter and I'm doing magic :)

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I think that my favorite part of the class is working on the labs. Even though the labs are often super challenging and take awhile, it is fun to do interactive work during class and to be able to work on them with a partner. I think using graphics is very cool as well!

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I can't really say what's my favorite part of this class when I love everything about it. The House cup competition, concept & routine practices, community-building events, the house cup smack talk in Discord, how everyone helps each other out in Discord or on this website...quite literally everything. Probably my favorite class so far.

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