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I'm having trouble getting my new list to switch off between one index from each list. I can either only have the values from one of the lists or when I do a nested loop I get something like one value from list 1, then all of list 2, then the next value from list 1, all of list 2, and so on. Any tips?

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3 Answers

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the length for both the lists is the same, so we do the for loop to find the num index for each list, then we append it into the empty list:
if you need to append each element at a time, you need to append at a time under for loop such that you do

newList.append(list1[num]) then newList.append(list2[num])

rather than adding them up.

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Could you explain any more how you are currently doing it?

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Oops, I figured out what I was doing! Thanks for the help though!!

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Since the prompt states that we can assume two lists have the exact same length, you just need to do the for loop once. Then add each element from list 1 and list 2 to a new empty list.

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