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How do you append to your list of scores and then multiply by them?

I have scoreList= [] before my for loop. and i tried to use scoreList = scoreList.append("score") to add the inputted scores into a list.

My error message says: "NoneType" object has no attribute 'append'

any help is appreciated ^^

EDIT: My problem was that i did not need the scoreList = ..... , i only needed the scoreList.append(score)

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It should be
score will be the input that you will be taking from the user
P.s all of this will help in the for loop but your scorelist =[] will be out of loop

2 Answers

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it should be scoreList.append(score)

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still same error :(


did you create scoreList outside of the main function?


it is in the drawBarGraph function


Got it!!!

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When typing scoreList = scoreList.append("score"),
you are setting the scoreList to be the appended score but because it had no values initially, you can't append the score. Hope that makes sense,
so rather just have scoreList.append("score")

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