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I am confused why the initial boolean value impacts the returned boolean value even when the hour is the same.

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4 Answers

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The boolean 'talking' describes if the parrot is making noise or not, so it does matter. If it is false and the parrot is not talking then the hour doesn't even matter. Only when 'talking' is true does the hour come into play.

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It depends on whether the parrot is talking because if the parrot is talking, then you could be in trouble depending on the hour. You can be in the hours where you could be in trouble, but if the parrot is not talking, you are not in trouble. Don't forget your boolean operators!

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The initial Boolean value is important because it tells you if the parrot is talking or not. If it's before 7 and after 20 and the parrot is not talking then you are not in trouble. If it's in the range of those hours and the parrot is talking, then you are in trouble.

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I think the returned value should both depends on the hour and the boolean value "talking"

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