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How can I make a string statement be considered an integer and use it in a mathematical equation? For example if I have 'Anakin 87' I would like to take just the '87' and use it to compute something.

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You could use .split() to separate the name from the number, and then convert the number to an integer with int(). Something like

number = int(variable[1])

The variable[1] is because if you split "Anakin" and "87", 87 is the second item in the list, so it gas index [1].


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I have done that but somehow I'm getting a error :(

grade = int(split[1])

ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'Helvetica;}'

This is what Thonny tells me once I run it


It sounds like a non-number string is being put into the int. What is the vriable 'split' equal to in your code?