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I tried name.find(" ")
but thats just for one space. how do you do it for many

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2 Answers

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Hmm... I guess I haven't given you enough spells for this one yet after all!

You can do another FIND call where you start looking at a specified index.

firstSpaceIndex = name.find(" ")
secondSpaceIndex = name.find(" ", firstSpaceIndex + 1)

Or you could use rfind() to find backward from the end (right side):

secondSpaceIndex = name.rfind(" ")

However, these approaches may fail if there are multiple spaces separating between the names...

BETTER APPROACH: You could solve this problem using the split method, which splits a string into a list of smaller strings based on a separator string, which we'll talk about in class tomorrow.

nameParts = name.split(" ")

and then nameParts will be a list containing the first, middle, and last names as separate strings. We can index lists similar to how we index strings...

firstName  = nameParts[0]
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I used:

" ".join(fullName.split())

And then find and rfind

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