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Yes, you can do that to get the tracks like this

and to get this you just use print("---------")
but to make it longer you don't type everything in print, you make it print(4* " -----------"), so it prints it 4 times in a row!
Hope this helps!!

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You can do that but its much easier to print("--"* 35) because it cleans up your code and has the same output.


Yesssss, you can definitely do that!! that is much more easy than mine!! hehe

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Yes! At least that's what I did. In the rubric, it also tells you that you can use something like print("\n" * 10) to skip multiple lines without doing print() over and over. Maybe you could try something like that so you don't have to type in a ton of dashes into a print statement.

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It's the right way to do so.
If you read the Owl Project Doc carefully , the Head Wizard did give you some tips like:

  • To print 10 blank lines (and thus effectively "clear the screen"),
    you can use the newline character code ('\n') along with string
    repetition, like this: print("\n" * 10)

    Similarly, to display a number of dots in front of each owl (to show
    how far it has flown), you can use * to do string repetition.

Therfore, in your case, it would be print("-" * 10) for real quick

Hope this helps!

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That's what I did

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