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Is there a way to make my animation more smooth? Instead of having the illusion of my owls moving smoothly along to the right in the shell, they're flicking up into the shell (I don't know how to better describe it).

Any ideas on how to make it a smoother transition?

asked in CSC201 Spring 2021 by (1 point)

2 Answers

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You may just want to decrease the size of the shell window. Aside from that, adding more blank lines before each frame might do it.

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Hmm, a bit of flickering is unavoidable, but if you're getting serious flickering that may indicate a problem.

Check to make sure you are doing the steps in the right order:

  1. Print the blank lines.
  2. Print the owls
  3. Pause one second.

If you switch the order if steps 2 and 3 you will get horrible flickering, because mostly you only get to see the blank lines, and the owl text scrolls by too quickly.

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