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"where the digit displayed in each square is the absolute value of the difference between that square's row number and its column number?"

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3 Answers

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Every number shown is the positive difference between the numbers for row and column for that number's location

Look at column 3 row 2. There is a 1 shown there because 3-2 is 1.

Look at row 4 column 1. There is a 3 shown there because 4-1 is 3.

(Hint: the answer takes a similar form to the house warm-up puzzle From Friday.)

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for example:
Suppose the output is:

      ` 01234
        43210 `

In row 1, column 1, you get 0 because abs(1-1)=0.
In row 1, column 2, you get 1 because abs(1-2)=1.
In row 2, column 3, you get 1 because abs(2-3)=1
In row 4, column 1, you get 3 because abs(4-1)=3

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That could be explained like every shown number in the sequence of each row is the absolute value of subtraction between numbers in a row and its column.
For example:
Row 1 & Column 1 => |1-1| = 0 shown in the first line of sequence.
Row 1 & Column 2 =>|2-1|=1 shown in the second line of sequence.
Row 4 & Column 3 =>|3-4|=1 shown in the third line of sequence.
Row 2 & Column 4 =>|2-4|=2 shown in the fouth line of sequence.
That's how it works! Hope this helps!

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