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I'm not sure how to use this ASCII art in my program if we are supposed to use it.

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1 Answer

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My two little owl faces (*v*) and /*v*\ are both simple examples of "ASCII art" -- that is, making cartoon graphics out of textual characters. You are welcome to use these for the owls, or you are welcome to come up with your own owl shapes (using text), or you can find some on the internet (some people have drawn some fancier owls here and here) as long as you give credit to where you found them (that is, just write a quick #comment in your code with the link to where you got your ASCII art owls).

Note that if you use fancier owl art that needs more than one line to print, then you'll need to change your owl racing code to handle that (probably print out dots in front of all of the lines).

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