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I tutor fifth grade math and I wanted to make a code that can generate an expression in the form:
a ( b + c ), where a, b, and c are random numbers of my choosing and the + can be either + or -. I also would like to be able to choose the number of equations generated.
Does anybody have any suggestions to help me out?

For example:

How many equations? 3
5 ( 4 - 2 )
7 ( 8 + 7 )
1 ( 9 + 2 )

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2 Answers

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Suppose that 'equation' is the variable for the numbers of equations.
You will need a for loop in order to print the equation.

for i in range (1,equation+1):

(you will need to run the print statement 'equation' times)

Inside the loop:
Because you want 3 different numbers for each equation, you will want to have 3 input statements for those numbers each time the loop runs.
To choose between "+" and "-", you can use the random.choice.


The final step is the print statement.

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I think i know what you can do make different random statement for every equation in a for look, for example:
for math in range(1,equation+1)

 yay = random.randrange(1,11)
 yay2 = random.randrange(1,11)
 yay3 = random.randrange(1,11)

I hope this makes sence!!!!

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Ok, i forgot about the random + or -, so ya just do as Ngoc Le said!!