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I know we're supposed to post questions here, but I figured this might be the best way to get advice out. Make sure to plug in your computer when downloading programs and whatnot, no matter how much battery you have. My computer died in the middle of downloading a program for a previous CS class. My computer would no longer boot up past the loading screen. Not too hard to fix in safe mode, but it's a stressful nightmare if you use your computer for literally everything school wise and it crashes on you. Especially when it crashes for a second time in the middle of class. Be safe rather than sorry! Plug in your computer first!

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I don't expect points for this one. I just know emails get easily buried at the beginning of the year. I figured this would be the best way.

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Hmm... that's surprising. In general, having your computer's battery die in the middle of downloading something shouldn't cause serious problems. Having your battery die in the middle of installing something is more likely to be an issue... especially if it's installing operating system updates.

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Sorry yes I meant installing.