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Anyone have a lot of experience with Android studio? Their app development works in Java, but I am having a bit of trouble understanding some of the widgets and the layout of of the app. Is it at all similar to the GUI interfaces from Eclipse?

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If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend following a tutorial or two to get started.

The official tutorial from Google is a good place to start:

They actually explain the steps as you go.

Some other tutorials, like this one ( https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/counter/ ) are closer to what you're trying to create for this first assignment, in terms of an app with a counter for counting things, but it barely explains any of the steps (and was it really necessary to add a custom button using the library pulled from the jitpack.io maven repository? probably not, although I guess learning how to add 3rd party libraries using the gradle build system isn't a bad thing either...).

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The official tutorial is what I've been using to get started. It seems like Android Studio has ways to put stuff into your app pretty easily without actually getting into the code that much...

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I worked with Android Studio before. I don't clearly understand your question, but UI design for Android mostly in the (res -> layout) folder, whenever you create a new activity it will be a file there for you to work with. About layout choose Relative layout or Constraint layout will be easiest for you to work with. In Relative layout, items related to other items, and with a parent. Constraint layout relates to the border of items, and the border of the parent items. If that did not answer your question, upload the image here and I am happy to help.

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