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Thanks everyone it makes sense to me now

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Routine practice is like a daily practice

Concept practice is more like what topic we do and try to practice the topic again making sure that we can understand it

For the routine and concept practice, you can ask for help, but not for the solo. YOu suppose to do solo practice by yourself

That's how I understand it mainly

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Routine practice is the most common. it is practice writing code which we are encouraged to get help on if we need it.

Concept practice is usually multiple choice, and is making sure you understand the concepts and math being used.

Solo practice is like routine, except it is more difficult and you are NOT allowed to get help on it. its like a quiz of sorts.

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Routine Practice is to practice your code including using Thonny to check, asking for help in Discord and Q&A.
Concept Practice is to apply theory and concepts into practice (and you could not use Thonny to check, it' up to you).

Solo Practice is to practice your code on your own and the practice is similar to routine ones.

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So, the difference between routine practice, concept practice, and solo practice are:

Routine Practise: it is like a daily practice, of what we do in class, for example, we learned about how range works, so in routine practice, it will ask you to use your understanding about range.

Concept Practise: it is like applying theory and concepts into the practice which helps you understand it better!

Solo Practise: it is individual, and you should not ask anyone for help, and use your understanding to figure out the answer. Also, it could be difficult, so technically it is like a quiz!!

Hope this helps you!!

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