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My group is trying to implement the getNearestUnassignedSegment method in our code but we're unsure what our start and end frames should be.

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Not sure what's best... probably a fairly short time range, near the current frame being displayed? Maybe currentFrame-30 up to currentFrame+30? I'm just guessing here...

Maybe it should relate to how much of the unassigned segments are being displayed on the screen for the user to see?

There isn't one correct answer -- it's about choosing something that works conveniently enough for the user.

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If your method is set up like the one from the shared code, the start and end frames are the times it will search between to find the closest unassigned points. The reason for this is that the List in the method, ptsInInterval, will return the timePoints between the start and end frames that you pass in.

List<TimePoint> ptsInInterval = segment.getTimePointsWithinInterval(startFrame, endFrame);

It then searches through those points as signified here:

for (TimePoint pt : ptsInInterval) {
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