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This question relates to the Lab Excercise Part 3.
Im stuck on finding the right position (x, y coordinates) I want for the graphics.
Since the coordinate axis doesn't pop up in GraphWin or Python, I have no idea except for entering random numbers (lol).
Plz help me, is there any way to find the right coordinates for my graphics?

P/s: Acc, I can copy you guys' answer ( like Eye (215,240),10.5)) to paste in mine but I just wanna find out a way to handle it.

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Absolutely -- the ultimate goal is learning, and copying in someone else's eye location doesn't help with that. Instead, you want to understand the computer coordinates. The most commong mistake is that students don't realize that y-coordinates get larger as you go DOWN the screen.

Computer coordinates

After that, there's often some guess & check involved...

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It actually takes time to understand how the coordinates work, but I can help you. For the eye, the first points are the center of the eyes , and the number on the next is the radius. Remember how you created the circle at first with 500,500 points. So you can approximate and align it accordingly. Try and do the same for the rest. I hope it helps.

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