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Does anyone have experience with NOSQL and if so what are some of the things you've worked on?

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Personally, I've firebase briefly in the past to read in temperature and humidity from an ESP32 microcontroller, along with some other small similar projects that used essentially the same code and just interchanged what was being read.

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Cool - specifically we will be using Google Firebase (or at least most teams will), since it provides a great real-time database for keeping mobile/web apps data in sync across multiple devices.

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I recently learned how to develop a backend with Nodejs, Express, and MongoDB. For me, it's super simple and easy to learn if you have some free time (a guide that I found). You can then easily deploy the API to Heroku within a few lines of code if you want to use the backend on the web (more info).

This will be helpful if you want to have more control over your API since Firebase could be limited sometimes. Moreover, integrating firebase into your application might be something unpleasant (it took my team 2 weeks to get firebase going...). Of course, this approach might be more time-consuming due to its learning curve, but I believe it'd be a more helpful and future-proof experience.

In my opinion, if you don't want to customize your backend that much, firebase would be sufficient and more robust since it has some nice built-in features (including Google authentication and the real-time database)

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Very cool!

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I don't have experience on NOSQL specifically but I have worked with SQL in internships. They run somewhat similarly but SQL is a bit more restrictive on its capabilities. It is a great tool for hosting data in tables as well as extracting and manipulating that data later. I was using it to collect statistics from college football players in preparation for the NFL draft.

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No NOSQL for me, but I've done a bit of work in SQL like Chase. Very strange to switch to working with something so much more different when you're used to using languages like Java and Python.

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