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We were thinking of using a try/catch block to make sure that the enemy car could be created using a URL. if the URL is invalid then we don't want the program to execute. However, I was reading about exceptions and it says that you cannot declare a variable in a try/catch because it's scope is only within the block. So when I tried to call the enemyCar constructor and pass in variables including the URL, it left the scope of the rest of the program. Where else could I put the try catch block to check for this error?

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2 Answers

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You could try to put the try catch block inside the constructor for the enemyCar. If you think the URL is the part that will cause problems try to put that part of the constructor inside your try block.

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I hadn't thought of putting the try in the constructor; it even makes more sense to. I'll give that a try and see what happens

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You could create default variables and there is nothing there so it doesn't have that error.

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