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i made a while loop that will run infinitely with a for loop inside that will scroll the background by constantly changing the y coordinates of two images stacked on top of each other to create a scrolling effect. then i reset the positions of the two images, except the loop causes the game to give a "not responding" and will never start. did you guys put the loop before stage.show() or after? and did you guys make an infinite loop too? im not sure why mine isnt working

closed with the note: I figured it out a few weeks back using transitionsbut forgot to close this questions. Thanks for the answers though.
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We don't have a while loop for ours. We created our background as an imageview(actually two imageviews so the scrolling was more seamless) and scrolled the imageview in the background during the animation timer. Then we recalculated the position if it was below the view of the window

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My group has an starting image which scrolls down the page and a second instance of the same image above the first one which also scrolls down. When the first image gets to the bottom of the window, it is set above the second image. When the second image gets to the bottom of the window, it is set above the first image. This continuously repeats for the game. There is a bit of overlap but we have the background continuously scrolling.

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We don't have a while loop though we used an animation timer. We set the background as two separate ImageViews, to make the transition seamless from on to another, and we recalculated the position when the top of the view was at the bottom of the window.

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Check out this post. It's using an AnimationTimer to loop the game and you can add the second image and reset the coordinates to get a smooth transition.

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