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Our client shouldn't have to run our project inside Eclipse... how do we bundle things up so that they can run our program independently, outside Eclipse?

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3 Answers

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Export >> export jar file >> main launch configuration >> browse where you want to put it >> copy required library >> Warning not important>> click okay.. Go to where it is. Your not done yet....
copy the opencv >build>java>x68 copy them and put them next to the .jar not inside the lib file...Your program should run now.

Now select all of it and make it into a .zip file now you can submit this to Moodle.

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On the lab computers, that should be:

Copy the two .DLL files from C:\CSC\opencv\build\java**x64** into the same folder as your exported project JAR.

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While in the project go to File then Export, under Java choose Runnable Jar File then choose Launch Configuration and choose which file and browse to where you want to put it, for example on the desktop. Under Library Handle, select the copy one (third one).

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Then go into your computer folder go to the c drive, then the CSC folder and opencv and choose the two f64 files and put them into the export jar folder

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export runnable jar file
choose launch config
select main you want to upload ex. main 1 shared project code
browse to where you want to put it
package required libraries (2nd option)
now have all the jar files we need in the destination folder.
but we also need the dll files for opencv
go to CSC/OpenCV/build/jave/x64
grab the two dlls and copy to the destination folder with your jar
now it will run without eclipse.

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