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Should we just write the events we have in the sheet and leave the sign blank since we can not receive signs in the later half of the term? Do we need to submit any evidence material?

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For example I have access to the Davenport West H.S. computer science
class presentation, do I need to submit a screenshot with my log sheet?

7 Answers

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I'm just writing the dates of each culture point session I earned so that it will make Dr. Stonedahl's life easier. But I think for something like the Davenport West computer science presentation Dr. Stonedahl will be able to verify who was attending.

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I wrote down all the events I attended and their date. I think Dr. Stonedahl can easily verify the Bird Watching, AI meme, and the Davenport West presentation; he might ask for evidence of others later.

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I just wrote down the event and assume that Dr. Stonedahl will reach out if he has any questions or wants to see evidence of completion.

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I did the same thing


That is what I did also

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I wrote down the events, too, though I have one that I didn't have chance to get a faculty signature before leaving. Hopefully that still counts.

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That is what makes sense during these strange times.

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I believe he already answered this question. I think he wants us to write it down as normal on our sheet but that things from distance learning don't require a signature. You still needed to get signatures for the events you participated in before online learning.

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I think he said that was ok during one of the google meet lectures

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