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We want to display things using the recycler view and we're having trouble implementing it. If you have any documentation that helps, that would be greatly appreciated!

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The tutorial I used to figure out recycler views was this one:


If anything about it is unclear, here is a link to the full code related to the tutorial:


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The OSL events app (from last year) used a RecyclerAdapter (with data pulled from Firebase) to show events.



However, you might want to find a simpler tutorial on RecyclerAdapters on the web somewhere... since that might be easier than figuring out their code.

I'm guessing you've already tried the official android docs tutorial?


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Yeah I had tried the official docs along with Michael's help (because he's been working on the VikeLife app) and it didn't work for me. I couldn't get anything to show up. This was for my individual, but I ended up not using it because I couldn't get it to work. But now we're planning on using it for the group project and we're having problems getting it to work.