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Right now I can't publish my comments for blogs. After I hit submit, the page reloads and my comment is just gone. Does anyone have this issue?

asked in CSC320 by (140 points)

4 Answers

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Make sure you are logged in using the school's email account

answered by (8 points)

I did check and I logged in with the school's email account. Not sure why I can't publish :/

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Well, I had the same problem while commenting on Jonathan's post too. Now it just showed that 'the comment has been removed by the author' so I had to write the comment again.

answered by (8 points)
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I don’t know why but I could not publish any comment with my iPad, but on my laptop it was normal. Try switching your device maybe?

answered by (8 points)

There might be something with browser compatibility. I'll try to use another browser to see if it works.


Yeah I think you're right. Even on my laptop I couldn't do it with Safari

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Try using a different browser. Firefox or Edge, maybe?

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